Welcome To Your New Microchip Business Account

Congratulations on your new Microchip Business Account, and welcome to the world’s largest inventory of Microchip products. We want to take a moment to give you a brief overview of your new account and show you some of our top features and benefits.

Maximize your Experience with some of our Top Features

Here are just a few of our most valued account features that have been built to help you and your business succeed in getting the products you need, when you need them.

High-Volume Pricing

Microchip offers high-volume pricing for large quantities. Simply submit a quote through the quote request menu on our website and you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours.

Microchip Credit Line

You now have access to a $5,000 Microchip credit line that you can start using immediately. Need a larger credit line? Simply apply to extend your credit through our website.

Order Scheduling

Secure future inventory up to 12 months in advance with our order scheduling functionality. You can schedule orders during the checkout process by clicking the “schedule” button below the device of your choice.


Drop-ship to your clients around the world with our drop-shipping feature. We save you valuable time by giving you the option to store multiple addresses and save them for future orders.

Add Users to your Account

Add users, set permissions and manage their spending limits with our multi-user functionality. You can get started adding new users through our user management tool.

Product Lead Times

We offer product lead time information so you can plan your product orders accordingly. Easily manage your lead time subscriptions from our lead time management tool.

Easily Manage your Quotes, Orders and Account in your Dashboard

The Microchip Business Dashboard was built, so you can access all of your most important order and account information on a single page.
Business Dashboard Snapshot

Check your Order Status

Check the status of your orders, current stock levels and re-order with one click.

View and Order from Requested Quotes

View your approved quotes and add them to the cart with the click of a button.

Download Invoices

Download any of your invoices and check the payment status of all your orders.

Quickly Access your Recently Viewed Products

We store your recently viewed products so you can quickly access them at any time.

Quick Access to Factory Support

Contact the Microchip support team via phone, email or live chat.

Did you know we have a Full-Production Programming Center?

Our programming services are fast, affordable and secure. Protect your intellectual property, purchase and program your devices in the same place, starting at as little as $0.02 per device.

No Minimum Order Requirements

We have no minimum order requirements for programming parts.

Free Verification Samples

You get 3 free verification samples for every new program you create.

Tape and Reeling, Labels, and Ink Dotting

These optional services are here for your convenience.

High-Volume Pricing

Need special pricing for a larger order? Simply request a quote and apply it to your programmed devices.