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Technical Support FAQs

To be able to submit a technical support case in Microchip’s technical support system, you will need to have an active myMicrochip account.
New to myMicrochip? Click <a href=””>Register for an account</a> to sign up.

User-added image
Supported web browsers
We support the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. We recommend downloading the newest version of your preferred browser for the best experience.
Please note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

How to create a new case
Follow the steps below to create a technical support case:
Step 1: Open your preferred browser, navigate to
Step 2: We might have answers to your problems already archived somewhere. Before creating a new case, please search our website:

User-added image
Or go directly to our Knowledge Base:
User-added image
Or check our support resources like self-service tools, community support and many other resources:
User-added image

Step 3: If you cannot find an answer, please click “Log In” button. You will be redirected to to verify your username and password:

User-added image

Step 4: After you Sign In, you will be directed back to our support site. Please click the “My Cases” menu item:

User-added image

Step 5: On “My Cases” page, click the “New Case” button:

User-added image

Step 6: Let us know the how we can help by providing case reason, then click the “Next” button.

User-added image

Step 7: Enter the Subject by summarizing your issue with a sentence and provide the Target Device that is related to your issue. While you are inputting this information, our search engine is working for you to provide the related article list to you. Don’t forget to check on these articles to see.

User-added image
For example, the subject of “Problem with C++ variables in Atmel Studio” will bring relevant articles in the right pane. Click the first link to view the content of the article. If this article solves the issue, Great! You can stop here; Otherwise, click “Back” button to view other possible matches.
User-added image

Step 8: If none of the articles solves your issue, please provide a detailed issue description.

User-added image

Step 9: Let us know which stage your project is at and how urgent it is to you. This will help us prioritize your case. Click “Submit” to finish case creation.

User-added image

Step 10: Your case is accepted! If you have no more info to provide to us, click “Skip”. Otherwise, you can upload your files, then click “Done” to attach them to your case.

Please note: If you use Drag and Drop feature, make sure your files are dropped to the dotted line box area.
User-added image
You will be redirect to the case you just created.

In the past, to communicate on your cases, you had to log in to Microchip Technical Support portal and add a comment from your case page. You received email notifications on case updates but could not reply to those directly through an email client.

To ensure easier communication, we are introducing, “Email to Case Reply” feature. You can now reply directly to email notifications. Your email replies will automatically be added as case comments. Additionally, any attachments in the email will reflect on the attachment section of the case page. As an email reply needs to go through an email forwarding process, it may take up to ten minutes for your reply to be processed and added as case comments or attachments.

How Can I Reply via Email?
The email notification will contain instructions on how to respond to the case. It is important to follow these instructions. Email replies that do not comply with these instructions (for example, inline commenting) are not supported.
User-added image
Please note:

  • The traditional way of adding case comments or attachments through the support portal will continue to work.
  • You CANNOT create a new support case by sending an email. To create a new case, please log in to the support portal.

In Microchip’s Technical Support System, a Case Team is a group of people working together to resolve cases. It includes:

  • Microchip Support Engineer who directly works on your case.
  • Microchip internal team that helps to resolve the case.
  • You, your coworker, your design partner, your supplier, and anyone you consider necessary to be included in your case’s communication. We call it an external Case Team.

Case Team can be viewed from two perspectives:

  1. Case Contact
As a Case Contact (someone who created the case from our support portal), you can specify who should be included in your case’s case team. You can do this through your case page in the support portal. Refer to How do I add a co-worker to my case as a team member for more details.  

You can add or remove team members at any time as needed while your case is open.
User-added image The Case Contact can manage his case’s team members on the Team Members tab.


  1. Team member
As a team member, you did not create the case but were added as a team member by someone else. Once you are added to a Case Team, you have the choice to opt in or opt out at any time when the case is open. You can do so by accessing My Case Teams page from the top menu bar. A team member gets email notifications for all the case communications and can participate by replying to emails directly.
User-added image A team member can manage all his subscription to case teams via the “My Case Teams” page.
          IMPORTANT: A user account is needed for all team members.

How Case Teams works:

  • The Case Contact needs to provide external Case Team member’s First Name, Last Name, and Email address.
  • The support system sends an email to the named team member notifying them of being added to a Case Team. This notification includes a link allowing them to make a choice on whether to receive communications on the case or not.
  • Alternatively, the team member can log in to support portal to turn on or off the notifications.
  • If the team members do not take any action, they will NOT receive any communications on the case.
  • Once the team member has turned on the notification on a case:
    • Case communications will be sent via email to the team member. Email notification is the only way for team members to track the progress of the case. They cannot view or search for this case even after logging into the support portal.
    • A team member can reply via email and their reply is added as a case comment to the case.
  • Case communications are sent to all team members on the case, including:
    • Case Owner (Microchip Support Engineer who works on the case),
    • Case Contact
    • Any team members who turned on the notifications on this case
    • Microchip internal case team members.
Please note: The Case Contact will not be able to see Microchip internal case team members in the case’s team member list. However, if Microchip contact(s) are added as team members by the Case Contact, they will be visible in the case team member’s list.
  • A team member can choose to opt out by turning off the notification on the case at any time. Once opted out, a team member will no longer receive further communication on the case.
  • The Case Contact can invite or remove as many people to the external Case Team as needed.
  • A team member is notified on removal from a Case Team. No further case communication is sent to the team member .
  • The Case Team is notified when the case is closed.

Starting Apr 2019, you can add rich text comment to your cases created on Microchip Technical Support portal. You can perform the following operations with the rich text editor’s WYSIWYG interface.

  • Format text as bold, italicized, underlined, or strike-through
  • Create bullet and numbered lists
  • Change paragraph indentation
  • Insert a hyperlink, clicked hyperlinks open in a new browser window. HTTP, HTTPS and mailto hyperlinks are supported. The editor doesn’t validate hyperlinks to web pages.
  • Insert an image (copying inline images from external sources and pasting them into the editor is not supported)
  • Remove formatting
User-added image
User-added imageNOTE: The following limitations apply:
  • You cannot edit HTML tags.
  • The editor does not support JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • When you copy content from a web page or another source and paste it into the editor, unsupported tags are removed. Text that was enclosed in unsupported tags is preserved as plain text. You are not notified when unsupported or potentially malicious HTML tags are removed.

You can add a co-worker as a team member by using the Case Team feature. For a step-by-step guide, please follow the instructions below.

  • Sign in to the Microchip Technical Support portal.
  • Locate your case in which you want to add a team member.
  • Click on the “Team Members” tab.
User-added image
  • Click on the “Add/Remove” button
User-added image
  • A box will open and prompt you for your co-worker’s information, as seen below:
User-added image
  • Enter the required information in each field.
  • Click “Submit”.
Once submitted, our support system will contact your co-worker with instructions. You will be able to see his or her name added. Additionally, under the “Notification Enabled ?” column you can view whether your co-worker agreed (enabled) or disagreed (disabled) to participate in case communication.
User-added image
Note:  You can use this same “Add/Remove Case Team” tab to remove a case team member as well.

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