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Microchip Programming Services

Why receive blank parts, send them out for programming and then wait for them to return? Save time, money and protect your intellectual property by purchasing and programming with Microchip.


In just a few simple steps, you can purchase your device and have it programmed too. Our high capacity programming facility can handle anything from small-scale prototyping orders to full-scale production orders.


Finding good pricing for programming services can be a difficult task. That’s why we have upfront pricing starting at only $0.02 per unit. You can check out our pricing through our cost lookup tool.


Protecting your Intellectual Property is always of incredible importance to us. That’s why our programming center is secure and encrypted. Rest assured that you are safe guarded by Microchip.

Programming Center Features

Here are some of our top programming center features built to help you get your code on your device in a timely fashion and at an affordable rate.

No Minimum Order

We have no minimum order requirements for programming parts.

Free Verification Samples

Get 3 free verification samples on every new program you create.

Optional Services

We offer tape and reeling, labeling and ink dotting as add-on services.

High-Volume Pricing

Microchip can provide special pricing for high-volume orders. Simply request a quote through our website.

Place Your First Programming Order in 4 Simple Steps

Follow these simple steps to set up your first programming order. Need some assistance? Feel free to contact us any time for questions and support.

Step 1

Upload your code for your chosen device

Step 2

Request your free verification samples and have them shipped to your address

Step 3

Approve / Reject the verification samples that you received

Step 4

Place a production order for your approved code / part

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